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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Just got back from an amazing eye opening Christian Conference in Holland. Flying out on Good Friday we stayed in a youth hostel with youth from Holland, 40 of us in total. Over the couple of days we were there, God moved mightily and we were all touched in incredible ways finding release in many different forms. It was incredible to see the things God was doing for everyone around me and what he was doing and showing me aswell. My release came in the form of everything that I was tied up inside about was prayed specifically for!
I had had fear about the future, had been deceived that somehow something of the mistakes I made before becoming a christian were some how still with me ( when they werent!) and how although I had a real hunger for god, I had been trying to do things in my own strength ( which is impossible) to try and get closer to him when its not my strength but his!

On thinking back on the weekend I remember one of the lines that sticks in my mind from Consuming Fire "Stir it up in our hearts lord, a passion for your name". I think God really stirred us up that weekend. Something that was really put on my heart through the time we were there is that as a church ( by that I mean all christians everywhere) it really is a time of breakthrough, release and shaking up where we are built up by god as warriors. All with our own assignments and varying abilities,how he so longs for us to come into what he wants us to be and be right in the centre of gods will, "in the flow of the fathers heart". The Site set up by Marc one of the Trips Leaders and Speakers.
Click on Media to Download the Video of the Trip
( If you have broadband) and audio if you have a slower connection.
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Blogger John Gillespie said...

Hey Sam,
Man is it good to hear you taling like that - bro it inspires me to run after god more and give him everything again! Lets be warriors - I know i want to be. Bless up.

3:16 PM  
Blogger liambyrnes said...

Holland sounds awesome, drop me an email some time would be great to hear from you.
Ill be home in June some time so lets all meet up. This thing in Holland sounds awesome bro, Im really stoked your getting stirred up, keep running with passion and take us other cornishmen with you!
Bless ya Bro

3:54 PM  

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